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Chapel and Athletics

Chapel and Athletics are two important pieces of the St. Mark's student experience that build critical character, leadership, and collaboration skills while developing courage and resilience.

Week 3 Features:

Chapel - Rev. Barbara Talcott

Athletics - John Levandowski

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Students in Chapel

The Chapel Program at St. Mark’s School is rich in content and diverse in expression. Responsible and responsive to the spiritual life of a school community of many diverse faith traditions, the program is designed to address and minister to the widely varying spiritual needs of students, faculty, staff, and their families through school-wide and voluntary religious services, outreach opportunities, and pastoral care. The Interfaith Chapel Council, composed of students and faculty from diverse religious backgrounds, advises the chaplaincy and organizes student participation in the spiritual life of the school.


The St. Mark’s Athletic Department enhances the school community by providing competitive athletics and fitness activities for all students. Our entire school community embraces athletics as an integral component of our students’ overall education, designed to teach resilience, teamwork, goal-setting, and a life-long commitment to health and fitness. Our program is proud to challenge students of all abilities and to prepare competitive athletes for the next step in their athletic career. Student athletes are taught to embrace sportsmanship, demonstrate integrity, and commit themselves to the ideal of Age Quod Agis (Do and Be Your Best)!