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We have created a plan that will support a positive educational experience by allowing the opportunity for all students to access campus. Similar to school and government plans around this pandemic, we have created a framework that will allow us to welcome boarding students to campus thoughtfully. It is impossible to eliminate every potential health risk associated with COVID-19 entirely, but based on consultation with medical experts, we believe our plan will allow us to bring students on campus in a systematic manner while providing multiple layers of protection.

The most important aspects of our plan include the following:

  • In an effort to reduce the risks associated with houses in excess of the recommended overall size, all international students and all domestic boarders who live 30 miles or more from campus will be assigned to rooms at the start of the academic year.
  • As of July 15, local boarders within a 30-mile radius of Southborough will be assigned status as temporary day students and are welcome to commute to school. This is a developing situation, and the radius may shift in the weeks to come. We will be reaching out soon to families to get a sense of fall plans, which will help inform decision-making around this topic.
  • House Prefects and Monitors will return to campus.
  • Community members will adhere to physical distancing guidelines and wear protective face coverings/masks.
  • We will welcome and phase in local boarders and delayed international student arrivals into the House “family groups” (see below) over time and as appropriate.
  • We are preserving flexibility to adjust our campus housing framework to any changes in pandemic conditions as health and safety requirements allow or dictate.



David Vachris

Titles: Dean of Students
Departments: Dean of Students Office, Senior Administrative Team, Orientation
Phone Numbers:
School: 508.786.6271

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