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Residential Life

Residential Life is central to the experience of all St. Markers, boarders, day, and remote students alike. Our boarding, day, and remote students are supported by a network of House Heads, Faculty advisors and House Prefects who provide care and actively work to create an environment that makes it possible for St. Markers to excel in academic, athletic and community pursuits.

At St. Mark's School, Residential Life is a key component of our efforts as we guide students in their journey to becoming Global Citizens. Citizenship begins at home and our community believes in the intentional development of moral character and healthy living skills such as compromise, self advocacy, time management and cross cultural communication. Learning these skills is hard work and when coupled with academic and athletic demands it can become even more challenging. It is for that reason that our Residential Life program is also full of fun.

Living in community demands active learning beyond the classroom. Each member of the St. Mark's community is dedicated to honoring the legacy of our school by exercising kindness, responsibility and understanding at all times. This shared commitment makes for safe community and a safe community is a community that makes it possible for students to boldly participate in healthy self discovery.

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