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Student Sign In/Out - Boardingware

Boardingware is a tool that St. Mark’s School has adopted to improve communication between Parents/Guardians, students and Faculty regarding student location. Based around an iPad app/web app (can be used on a smartphone, iPad or laptop), the status of each student is kept track of, whether ‘in house’ or signed out either for a quick trip to town or for an overnight.

To access the system:

  • Parents/Guardians received an invitation to sign up and create an account with Boardingware via the email address provided when you filled out the Family Information Form (FIF)
    From Address:
    Subject Line: Connect to "STUDENT NAME" with Boardingware

    If you have any questions regarding access, please email

Types of leave covered:
Weekend Overnights
Medical Appointments
Burnett Sign In
Family Hosting
Special Permission Request

For any technical help with use of Boardingware at any time please contact: