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College Counseling

St. Mark’s School has an excellent College Counseling Office with three full time Counselors. The college counselors advise both students and their parents about the college application and enrollment process. This advice is comprehensive and covers testing and test preparation, essay writing, selection of schools to apply to, and strategizing about the best timing of a college application. It is to be noted that the College Counseling Office presents college counseling advice for each grade level. At the end of the Fourth Form year students will have an individualized testing plan developed to help them understand the best approach to the standardized testing process. The College Counselors do NOT recommend students participate in vacation test preparation camps. St. Mark’s does offer test preparation that fits well into our overall college preparation and academic program.

The St. Mark’s College Counselors have relationships with colleges and universities throughout the United States and have a deep knowledge of those schools. In addition, our College Counselors have a deep knowledge of St. Mark’s and are well equipped to advise and support our students. Because of the complexity of the college process it is our recommendation that international families work closely with the St. Mark’s College Counseling Office. This is particularly important as the St. Mark’s College Counselor works to put together a comprehensive multi year strategy for each student.

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