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Health Services

The St. Mark’s School Health Services is located in Pine Cottage behind the Main Building. Health Services provides both physical and mental health care and has a professional nursing staff who keep Health Services open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Health Services staff provides medication management, confidential counseling, treatment for those ill or injured, notifying parents of student’s health status, educational programs, scheduling of appointments and arranging transportation for health related appointments. Health Services nurses notify parents of changes in a student’s health status by telephone or e-mail. Parents are welcome and encouraged to contact Health Services anytime with concerns or questions.

Recently, St. Mark’s School nurses and counselors have seen a concerning increase in physical and mental health issues with our international students, which affects class attendance, optimal academic performance and participation in required aspects of our school program.These health problems are generally related to the students being over tired and stressed from too many hours spent on SAT and other specialty prep classes that happen in the evenings and over vacations. We ask our international parents to refrain from signing their students up for these courses and to allow the students to fully experience the St. Mark’s education. The St. Mark’s program is highly demanding and we have found that students who focus 100 percent on their St. Mark’s School work, get adequate sleep and who take vacations to rest and restore their bodies (especially to get over jet lag) actually do better in school and are healthier than those who do not.



Counseling Services

The Counseling office is located on the 3rd floor of Health Services and is staffed by Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Gilpin. Both are licensed mental health professionals and are available to all students. School counselors provide supportive counseling in all areas of adolescent life including but not limited to homesickness, academic challenges, relationship and friendship issues, and depression. They are available during the school day and evenings as needed. Students can email the counselors directly if they would like to make an appointment.




The state of Massachusetts Health and Human Services department has immunization requirements for all students studying in school in the state. These immunization requirements are to protect both the individual and other students and residents at the school. Each family will get a copy of the Massachusetts immunization requirements in the health record packet that is available on the Getting Ready portion of the school website. If there is a required immunization that is not available in the home country the student can be scheduled to get that immunization at Southborough Medical Center. All questions or concerns about immunizations should be directed to the nurses, via e-mail.


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