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Immigration, Visas, and Guardianship

Please note that your I-20 and Passport MUST remain on campus with you and should not be held by your guardian or parents off campus. When you need to have your I-20 signed you must find Ms. Behnke, Director of Admission, or Ms. Galvin, Office Manager in the College Counseling Office. I-20 forms need to be signed annually on the anniversary of the original signing. Be sure to check your forms carefully! All international students attending St. Mark’s School need a local guardian. The appointed guardian should be at least 23 years of age. The School feels that this arrangement is the best way to ensure that a student and his or her family have a local advocate in case of any unforeseen situations. To assist students and their families, a local company, Concierge Services, provides such a service. However, if a student’s parent has a family member or friend who lives locally and in whom the parent has confidence, the parent should feel free to use that person as guardian.