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Tipping is a common and expected American behavior. TIP stands for “To Insure Proper Service,” and because tipping is so common in America people who work in the service industries where tipping is common receive a lower salary. They are therefore dependent on their tips and can show their displeasure if you forget to give them a tip.

Typical tipping structures are:

Taxis: 15% - 20% is typical; slightly more if you have luggage or if the trip is very long

Restaurants: 15%-20% is typical; 20% for excellent service

Food delivery: $3 - these people make very little money and generally use their own cars to deliver your food- be nice to them!

Haircuts/Beauty Salon/Spa: 10%-20%

Bell Hops: (at some hotels) will help carry your bags to your room. Tip $2 per bag

Coat Check: $1 per coat

If you think the service was poor, you do not have to tip. In restaurants, it is important to note that some restaurants will add the tip, or ― “gratuity” to your bill if you have over 6 people in your group. This will range from 15%-20%. It is usually indicated ahead of time on the menu and then stated again on the bill. If gratuity has already been added, you do not have to add any more, unless the service was outstanding.