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At St. Mark's School, Residential Life is a key component of our efforts as we guide students in their journey to becoming Global Citizens. Citizenship begins at home and our community believes in the intentional development of moral character and healthy living skills such as compromise, self-advocacy, time management, and cross cultural communication. Learning these skills is hard work and when coupled with academic and athletic demands it can become even more challenging. It is for that reason that our Residential Life program is also full of fun.

Living in community demands active learning beyond the classroom. Each member of the St. Mark's community is dedicated to honoring the legacy of our school by exercising kindness, responsibility, and understanding at all times. This shared commitment makes for a safe community and a safe community is a community that makes it possible for students to boldly participate in healthy self-discovery.

As Global Citizens we expect all St. Markers to be sensitive to the cultural differences that exist among our students and to be open to learning about each other. International students who are new to residential life and who may find living with a roommate challenging should make every effort to work collaboratively with their roommate to resolve any differences. They should also seek help and advice from their House Head, Faculty Advisor, or any adult or student leader that they trust. Learning to be a good self-advocate and learning to ask for help are essential skills that will ensure a good St. Mark’s experience.

Residential Houses at St. Mark’s School

There are three Residential Housing areas at St. Mark’s School, West Campus, Thieriot House, and the Main Building. Most students are housed in double rooms with a few students being housed in singles and triples. Student rooms are a comfortable size and all are fitted with a bed and mattress (U.S. Standard Twin size), desk, dresser, and closet or wardrobe for each student. We strongly recommend that you come to school with basics (clothing, toiletries, and bed linens) and see your room prior to purchasing comfort items (lamps, fans, and decorations). In the first weeks of the year, we will provide school sponsored trips to local stores where such items can be purchased.

The first residential house location is West Campus. West Campus is very picturesque with two ponds that were once the ice hockey rinks, playing fields, and the houses nestled in the woods on a hill; it is just a short walk from the Main Building across Route 85. These houses were built in the early 1980’s. Traditionally, all Third Form students will live on West campus along with some members of the Fourth and Fifth Forms.

The next residential house is Thieriot House. Built in the 1990’s T-House, as it is affectionately called, contains both a boys’ and a girls’ house. The rooms are similar to those on West Campus and there is a large central common room that connects the two houses. Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Formers live in T-House.

In the Main Building there are 2 boys’ houses and 2 girls’ houses. The rooms in the Main Building are appreciated for their proximity to the classrooms. These rooms have not been renovated in recent years and carry all of the character of our original building. They vary in size and configuration but contain the same furnishings as in the other houses. Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Formers live in the Main Building.

In each house there is a House Head and at least one Faculty member who lives in-house and Faculty members who come to the Houses to do nightly and weekend duty. In addition to the adult support in our houses, there is a leadership team of House Prefects. House Prefects are upper form students trained to support residents and serve as a resource for the students. Roommate conflicts, homesickness, and some aspects of school life can be challenging but with the support of Advisors, Faculty, and House Prefects, St. Mark’s students can be very successful and enjoy their St. Mark’s experience.

Where to Buy Necessities for Your Dorm Room

There are many places available on Route 9, both eastbound and westbound, to purchase necessities for your rooms. Bed, Bath and Beyond in Framingham, Target in Marlborough or Westborough, Wal Mart in Northborough or Framingham are all within a few miles of the school. Students looking to purchase necessities for their dorm room can ask their Advisor or House Head when they get to campus for recommendations.

Travel and Vacations

There are three times during the school year when the school is closed. These are during the Thanksgiving Break in November, the Christmas Break in December, and the Spring Break in March. During those vacations all students need to leave campus and either go home or spend the vacation with a friend or a host family. Because the academic work at St. Mark’s is rigorous and because students work very hard during the school year we do NOT recommend that students spend vacation time going to SAT prep camps or other such academic programs. It is our experience that students who spend vacations resting, eating good food, and sleeping well have a better academic experience than those who participate in academic vacation camps. Students who need help finding a place to stay during a vacation should speak with the International Student Advisor or their Faculty Advisor about a vacation placement. During the Spring Break and after the end of the school year St. Mark’s offers a variety of trips both cultural and athletic. For a full listing of trips available speak with Dr. Appell-Warren or see the Guide to Global Citizenship Opportunities. Please consult the published exam/assessment schedules online before booking travel home for vacation. Students are responsible for meeting all school responsibilities -- including assessments during the regularly scheduled times -- before departing campus. If you have questions about when your last scheduled commitments might be, please ask the Academics Office or the Dean's Office before you finalize your vacation plans. Depending on where a student is planning to travel during vacation there are a variety of public transportation options from the campus and from the Greater Boston Area, including a charter bus to New York City. Your Advisor, Ms. LaFreniere in the Deans' Office, or Mrs. Ciampa, in The Global Citizenship Office, can give you help.


Students have two options for doing laundry at St. Mark’s. One option is to subscribe to the E&R Laundry service that is made available to all boarding students. With this service you can get your clothes washed and dry-cleaned. E&R will be sending a direct mailing to your homes or you can find information about this service in the Deans Office. The other option is to do your laundry yourself. There are machines in each of the dormitories or in the central laundry room in The Main Building. Quarters for doing laundry can be purchased at The Lion’s Pride – The School Store.