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Managing Culture Shock

While the process of culture shock is normal and natural, and you will progress through the stages of culture shock, there are a few strategies that you can employ that will make you more able to cope with the stress of culture shock. These strategies may not always feel easy or comfortable, but we encourage you to push yourself to do the following:

  1. Understand that this is a normal process, allow yourself to feel the emotions of sadness, and allow yourself to miss your friends and family. But most of all, be patient with yourself!
  2. Keep an open mind and try not to judge other students, the School or the US. Try NOT to compare everything to life at home. Try to understand the context for what you are seeing or hearing and understand that different doesn’t always mean wrong!
  3. Set goals for yourself so you can measure accomplishments and find ways to accept the things you find troubling or difficult.
  4. Get involved in activities and make friends, get off campus periodically.
  5. Talk to your Advisor, your House Head, your House Prefect and the International Student Advisor.
  6. Make an appointment to see a counselor at Health Services.
  7. Ask LOTS of questions.
  8. Get exercise.
  9. Treat yourself to your “must haves” from a specialty market. If you need help finding your treats ask the Dean for Student Life or your Advisor to arrange a weekend trip.

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