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Managing Homesickness

Feeling homesick is a very normal part of life at Boarding School. All students experience homesickness to some degree, however, international students may feel homesickness to a greater degree because of the distance between St. Mark’s and home! If you are experiencing intense feelings of homesickness you should seek help from an adult, from health services or from a peer. The following are a few tips to help manage homesickness:

  • Bring some of home along with you to make your dorm room feel more familiar. A favorite pillow, blanket or sheets can go a long way to make your room feel like home! Be sure to pack photos of family, friends, pets and landscapes. Bring your favorite CDs and favorite snacks.
  • Work to make friends and to share life at home with your new friends. Creating a friend network can help to alleviate homesickness while creating lasting friendships. Remember everyone in your dorm has experienced some level of homesickness!
  • Get involved in sports and school activities. Participate in the weekend activities and be sure to spend time in the House common rooms or in the Center. Don’t hide yourself away in your room!
  • If your feelings of homesickness are intense or overwhelming be sure to seek help from an adult, one of the Chaplains, or from the nurses and counselors in Health Services

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