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The Deans' Weekly is a weekly newsletter filled with news and information on the campus happenings for the week as well as upcoming events. The newsletter is distributed to parents and guardians of our students. Content for the newsletter comes from the Deans of St. Mark's and is compiled by the Dean of Students for distribution.

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Dear Parents,

A huge shout out to the Parents' Association for this week's Teacher Appreciation "Battle of the Brews." Gift cards for Dunkin Donuts and Starbuck were made available to the SM adult community and were very much appreciated. A delicious treat in the middle of February! Thank you!

The Opera Trip was a success! 20 Years of heading to NYC! Very impressive! Thank you, Mrs. Putnam and the over 120 St. Markers who traveled down to New York City for our unique Opera Trip. See SM Web story for more info.

Thankfully, mid-February brings a small respite to the winter schedule with a Sleep-In Saturday and with no academic classes on Monday. We hope that this also break gives everyone some time to rest and recharge.

[read more] about 2.16.18

Dear Parents,

It's winter in New England. While the days are technically getting longer, we continue to have wacky weather. Unfortunately, we needed to move Wednesday games due to the wintry mix of snow, ice, and rain, and the cold and flu season has hit our campus (and Health Services). We are moving forward and are definitely looking forward to the Opera Trip on Monday, Winter Long Weekend, and the Quad Games!

With Ash Wednesday next week, we will be offering a super-brief "Ashes to Go" service on Ash Wednesday morning just before school at 7:45 am (as well as other times during the day). Parents dropping off their SM students are welcome!

[read more] about 2.9.18

Dear Parents,

Happy Groundhog Day! Not sure which groundhog saw his shadow or not ... but knowing New England weather as I do, I am sure we will have six more weeks of winter! Nevertheless, the campus has been vibrant with the start of second semester academic work, Community and Equity Day on Thursday, two successful nights of the Wick Festival last weekend, and the BLU Dance with almost 130 student guests from other independent schools on Saturday. On top of that, the Patriots are in the Super Bowl this weekend ... again!

[read more] about 2.2.18

Dear Parents,

On Friday evening, January 19, veteran teachers John Camp and Heather Harwood were formally installed as holders of endowed faculty chairs. At a ceremony held in the Putnam Family Arts Center's Class of 1945 Hall, Mr. Camp was named the holder of the Trustees Chair, while Dr. Harwood became the holder of the Mrs. William Greenough Thayer Faculty Chair. Congrats Mr. Camp and Dr. Harwood!

We are moving into February with lots of good things on the schedule. Before you know it, it will be time for 140 students and faculty to head down to New York City for the annual Met Opera trip in a couple of weeks!

Tonight and tomorrow evening, we host the 26th Annual Wick Choral Festival on Friday, January 26th and Saturday, January 27th from 7 - 9 p.m in the Putnam Family Arts Center. It is free and open to all! Representing St. Mark's on both nights of this year's Festival will be the Royal Blues (the School's female acapella group) and the Marksmen (its male octet). Singers from Nobles and Greenough School, the Wheeler School, and Roxbury Latin will be performing Friday night. On Saturday, singers from Middlesex, Pomfret, and Algonquin Regional High will be featured. On the college side, University of Richmond will be performing (with Blake Normandin SM '15) at the Friday concert. On Saturday evening, Northeastern University will take to the stage in the Class of 1945 Hall. The all school dress rehearsal assembly on Thursday was great!

[read more] about 1.26.18

Dear Parents,

With the conclusion of the term/semester, students and teachers have been busily completing assignments and assessments. Lots of work (and some stress!) as we get ready to start the second semester. If that is not nutty enough, Trustees are here! Board members are on campus this weekend to talk about a variety of issues that affect the SM Community. Exciting work for SM!

[read more] about 1.19.18

Dear Parents,

The St. Mark's trip to Haiti left this morning carrying bags filled with generous donations. Thank you for the computers, pens, paper, art supplies and more that you contributed to support our partner school. Also thanks to the community for their support of the Rice and Beans meal at seated lunch yesterday. The monies saved will go to support our sister school. The group looks forward to sharing pictures upon their return. Mèsi Anpil!

Just as we started up the new year with classes and academics, we are excited about taking a short break with the extended weekend due to Martin Luther King Day. We have SMSaturday classes and athletic contests on Saturday, but no academic classes on Monday. While there may be athletic practices on Monday afternoon, boarders who have taken overnights need to return by 7:00.

Last Saturday night was awesome thanks to a very successful Casino Night! Thanks for the tremendous support from our parents volunteering who served as dealers and hosts for the evening. Many thanks to Camilla King for her efforts in assembling and coordinating with all of our wonderful parent volunteers. Thanks also to the generous parents who gave items for the raffle. A great way to start 2018!

[read more] about 1.12.18

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! The Arctic Blast has arrived in the North East with low temperatures and a blustery snowstorm on Thursday. It's not very often that we cancel academic classes and practices and many look forward to getting back into the routine of school (and staying warm)! We are looking forward to our first Saturday classes of the winter term and a lucky and fun Saturday night here at St. Mark's at our annual Casino Night. Casino is always a good time and we thank the parents who are helping to make this Community Weekend an enjoyable one!

[read more] about 1.5.18

Dear Parents,

Winter break (and the arctic chill!) has started on campus, and it has gotten very quiet around here! We just completed a successful Assessment Week period, and students have headed home for a well-deserved break over the holidays. We, from the Offices of the Dean of Students and Communications and Marketing (Dave, Julie, Chuck, Sue, Sandra, Nick, Stacey, Leah, and Caitlin) want to wish you all the best to you and your families during this Holiday Season!

The Exam Bake was outstanding! Huge thanks to all the parents who made this week's Winter Exam Bake such a success! There was tons of very popular food ... cookies, cupcakes, drinks, hot chocolate, fruit, and so much more. The students were very appreciative to everyone who organized and supplied all of the treats for the kids. The Exam Bake is considered one the "best" things about being at St. Mark's! A huge hit during Assessment Week!

[read more] about 12.16.17

Dear Parents,

Thursday night's Lessons and Carols was a joyous and festive occasion with beautiful singing and music. What a way to celebrate the season! Many thanks to Mr. James Wallace, his crew, the religion department, and the Choir for their work and efforts in putting this service together at a very busy time of year. If you are close to campus this weekend, we invite you to the greater community Lessons and Carols on Sunday at 4pm.

Thanks also to the Monitors and the many House singers for making the Holiday Sign Along and the Tree Lighting Ceremony a big hit last Friday. The singers from Pine Oak were crowned the winners of this fun holiday event.

Also, the Exam Bake is almost here! Definitely a student favorite. On Wednesday at 4pm, we will be sponsoring our annual Exam Bake thanks to the good work of the Parents Association. The second exam block runs 1-3 pm, so the kids can come through and grab some treats after their afternoon exam. If you would like to contribute to the exam bake, please click on this Sign Up Genius link to contribute:

Thank you Heather Robb and Annie Rubin for organizing!

[read more] about 12.8.17

Dear Parents,

Happy December! No doubt, the next few weeks here on campus will be very full with academic work, athletic contests, holiday festivities, House events, the assessment week, the Exam Bake and more as we close the 2017 calendar year. It is a festive if not exhausting time of year! Please encourage your child not to take a "vacation" between the vacations. It's always tempting to coast!

For those planning ahead, Lessons and Carols for the SM community will take place on Thursday, December 7th. This service will follow Evening Meal and we will have dessert, including the VI Form-Faculty Desert, after Chapel. Chapel Dress.

All are cordially invited to St. Mark's Service of Lessons and Carols, on Sunday, December 10th, at 4pm in Belmont Chapel. This is a high point of our Chapel year, and an experience that generations of St. Markers say stays with them long after graduation; come see what all the fuss is about!

On a different note - to help ensure the safety of our community and prepare ourselves best we can for potential emergencies, we will be performing an emergency lock-down drill on Tuesday. Students were made aware of this in School Meeting on Wednesday and a reminder email with the basic process steps will be sent out Monday morning. We will use our Rave notification system to initiate the drill and to then gather everyone together.

[read more] about 12.1.17

Dear Parents,

Thanksgiving break is here, and we are all very thankful! At this time, I am reminded how much I have to be thankful for as a member of the St. Mark's community. While our collective lives here on campus can seem to be a little hectic at times and world events outside of Southborough continue to be concerning, I continue to appreciate the support from parents, faculty/staff, and students and the many positive things that continue to happen here on a daily basis. I hope that your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving and a restful break. We all have much to be thankful for!

It was a beautiful Groton Day in Southborough last Saturday with St. Mark's and Groton going head to head on the athletic fields. Fortunately, the St. Mark's Lions were fiercely determined to defeat our zebra rivals. St. Mark's accumulated 6 wins, 3 losses, and 3 ties in head to head competitions – which sends the raccoon coat back to Southborough. No one is happier that Mr. Warren!

[read more] about 11.17.17
Dear Parents,
Groton Day is almost here and the Monitors and others on campus are busily preparing for the Pep Rally and the bonfire tonight and for our rival competitions (as well as NE Championships) on Saturday. Tonight's bonfire will be a cold and windy experience – finger are crossed that will be able to proceed as planned. Bundle up for Saturday as well! Here is the Schedule for tomorrow's Groton Day:
  • 7:30-9:00 AM Breakfast
  • 8:45-11:15 SM Saturdays ... Please note the early time to start SM Saturday Programming
  • 11:15 AM School meeting, followed by the traditional Snake Dance!
  • 11:30-12:30 PM Lunch
  • 1:30 and 2:00 PM Athletic Contests here at SM
For those who need any last minute St. Mark's paraphernalia - the SM's Lion Pride bookstore will be open Saturday from 12:00-1:30.
[read more] about 11.10.17

Dear Parents,

It's Friday afternoon, and we have a special academic schedule with many of our teams traveling to Tabor and Nobles and with our cross country runners off to the ISL Championship at Lawrence. It's a beautiful, warm day for contests ... Go Lions!

With the close of Window I and the first major college application deadline behind us, we hope that all will be able to catch their breath (albeit short) over the course of this Open Weekend.

[read more] about 11.3.17

Dear Parents,

With the wacky New England weather, we are almost to November with Halloween (costumes on Tuesday), early decision applications due for our VI Formers, Groton Day and the end of the Window only weeks away! That said, we a closing out the month of October with Trustee Weekend! Lots of positive conversations and serious decisions about the future plans of St. Mark's. We are glad to have these dedicated members of the St. Mark's family back on campus, and as always, we appreciate their good stewardship.

[read more] about 10.27.17

Dear Parents,

It's October so it must be busy, and even with the Monday and Tuesday off from school after a successful Family Weekend (click here for news) we find ourselves right back into the daily routine of academic, afternoon activities, Thursday Evening Chapel and more. The campus does not remain quiet for long!

Thanks to everyone both near and far for their support of their children over the course of Family Weekend. It was great to have so many people on campus – watching the Friday night arts presentations, meeting with teachers and advisors, witnessing lots of victories on the athletic fields, learning about the college process with V Form College Weekend, and being a part of the community on a beautiful Saturday in New England. We even triggered the fire alarm at Saturday lunch to keep things interesting! Thank you!

A reminder that Saturday is a Community Weekend and Monday is Picture Day!

This Saturday, we will be celebrating Halloween with our annual dance at night! Students are invited to come to dance(in appropriate costumes, to have fun, to hang out with their friends, and to meet new people). The Student Discipline Committee is also sponsoring a "Chicken Nugs, Not Drugs" event after the dance! It's a Community Weekend, so campus will be buzzing with excitement and high energy.

[read more] about 10.20.17
Dear Parents,
We look forward to welcoming parents and guardians to Family Weekend next weekend, October 12 through 14. Registration for appointments with your child's teachers and advisor is now closed. If you were unable to make an appointment with your child's advisor or one or more of your child's teachers, due your schedule or theirs, please contact your child's advisor via email. The schedule for the weekend is online.
Next weekend is also an extended weekend with no academic classes Monday and Tuesday. Boarders should return by 7:00 on Tuesday.
[read more] about 10.6.17

Dear Parents,

We are excited for the upcoming Family Weekend! Registration for Family Weekend appointments with your child's advisor and teachers is now open. Registration must be completed by October 4 at 5 PM using our online system [Details and registration]. Families who would like assistance with translation services as a part of Family Weekend should be in touch with Loris Adams or Starry Zhu in the Community and Equity Office.
We look forward to welcoming you to campus!

All the best,


[read more] about 9.29.17

Dear Parents,

Happy Autumn – fall is officially here! As the entire St. Mark's community tries to adjust to the busy lifestyle and structures of boarding school, I am proud to report that there is a lot of positive energy and excitement in the air. We know that gearing up and re-adjusting to the rigors of school life can be exhausting for both students and faculty. Nevertheless, we are in full swing!

On Thursday, we stood/sat for our annual All-School photo on the VI Form Quad. It was an overcast day with lots of smiling faces – a positive snapshot of the SM community. Copies of the All School photo, and the VI Form (serious and not-so serious) will be available at Family Weekend in October. Stay tuned for more information on how to purchase any of these fun photos. On Friday, we hosted our annual Club Fair where students are able to create, sponsor, and participate in a variety of activity organizations. Energy and positive thinking abound at the Club Fair!

This past week was a full one starting with the new faculty installation at Monday's evening Chapel. Mr. Warren, Rev. Talcott and the Monitors welcomed and installed our newest faculty members.

As you set your calendars for the week ahead, please note next Friday's, September 29 special schedule, put in place to support early athletic competitions and evening observance of Yom Kippur. Chapel will begin the day as usual, followed by class meetings for Red, Blue and Brown blocks. We will dismiss at 11:35 for lunch and athletic contests.

[read more] about 9.22.17

Dear Parents,

We are through the first week of school and have moved more into the routine of school with academic classes and athletic programs in full swing. Woohoo! This week, we have had two inspiring Chapel talks by Colin Boylan and Rebecca Lovett, our Head Monitors, who are both committed to making this school year a positive one for all. Thanks Colin and Rebecca!
That said, the busyness of school can be exhausting and overwhelming for some. Most are still in the process of figuring out how to navigate and juggle new classes and other commitments. If you child is moving from the "stretch" zone to the "stress" zone, please be sure to reach out to your student's advisor. While the pace has picked up, the community will continue to be a vibrant place with much to do throughout the year. Let's keep everyone in the "stretch" zones!
Last Friday, we hosted Convocation on Friday evening. Every year, Convocation kicks off the beginning of the academic year with recognitions for academic excellence and for teacher dedication to St. Mark's. In addition, Mr. Warren presented a thoughtful speech focusing on role models [read Mr. Warren's convocation address].
[read more] about 9.15.17