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Monitors to Host First St. Mark's Art Fair on May 18

Essential Dates 2019-2020

A printable calendar of important dates for the 2019-2020 academic year, including holidays, breaks, arrival dates, and more, is now available here.

Academic News

The latest edition of LEO is here! This eclectic collection features pieces on Camus, sign language, physics, global health issues, and more, as well as Edna's amazing speech about her journey.

End of Window 4
Window 4 closes Tuesday, May 21, and the spring season of St. Mark's Saturdays closes tomorrow, May 18. Grades will be available in Net Classroom following Prize Day. Please be reminded that there will be no narrative comments accompanying Window 4 grades. As is our custom, advisors will be composing advisor letters as a summation of each student's progress in the second semester. These letters will be delivered digitally in mid-to-late June.

In anticipation of year-end assessments, Academic Support provided students with the Center's Top Exam Preparation Strategies. These suggestions draw upon the Big 6 Learning Strategies, which give study guidance based on current brain and learning research. Ask your St. Marker if they are using these strategies to prepare for assessments!

Lion Term
Lion Term starts on Wednesday, May 22, at 10:30 a.m.! We are excited for the variety of opportunities students have in each form. Please refer to the Lion Term website for more information, and feel free to be in touch with questions.

Dress Code during Lion Term: Students are welcome to dress down during Lion Term while on campus. "Neat, clean, and appropriate" is the general rule. That said, if students are going off campus, they should be dressed appropriately for the work that they will be doing. In some cases, this means that students will be dressed down (going to a farm, for example) and in some cases students will need to dress up.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch (brunch), and dinner remain at the standard times throughout Lion Term.

Riding/Driving Rules: All riding and driving rules and permissions remain in place during Lion Term. Extended riding permission on weekends only. No Uber permissions during the academic day. Special permissions through the Dean's Office. We ask that parents do not schedule special evening/overnight events for students during

Local Boarders: During the last few days of Lion Term, local boarders may pack up their rooms early and come back to campus for Prize Day events. More information to follow.

Lions Roam: The Lions Roam class will depart for Spain on Sunday, May 19.

Information for III Form Parents: Permissions slips for the III Form Lion Term trip to Brantwood Camp (May 28-June 1) will be completed electronically. Once III Formers have signed their behavioral agreement, the documents will be automatically sent for parent/guardian signature. Please read through the information and waivers carefully, and sign digitally. Thank you! Please be in touch with Liz McColloch with any questions.

Information for VI Form Parents: Permissions for VI Form Lion Term projects and plans will be completed electronically. All VI Form students will complete the forms that include a full description of their project, details about where and with whom they will be staying, and requests for funding. Once the VI Formers have signed their forms, the documents will be automatically sent for parent/guardian approval and signature. We ask that all VI Form documents are completed and signed by May 1. Thank you! Please reach out to Liz McColloch with any questions or concerns.

Wellness News

Hope Happens Here, an organization started on the St. Michael's campus to help promote mental health awareness and wellbeing on college and high school campuses, came to St. Mark's last Friday during co-curricular to meet with V Formers.

St. Mark's alumnus Will Santangeli and former St. Mark's student Becca Shea spoke about why they decided to get involved with Hope Happens Here and the impact the organization has had on their lives and the campuses they live on. Will was gracious enough to speak about his experience here at St. Mark's and those friends and faculty that helped him navigate his time here.

This has been a great year for the newly formed V Form forum. Thank you so much for a great year!

Athletic News

Team of the Week

JV girls' tennis - The JV girls' tennis team had a great week, beating Thayer 7-2. With two matches left, the Lions have had another fine season. The team has won all of their matches, and look ahead to a challenging match with Groton at the end of next week. Two qualities stand out to Coach Glomset in this year's team. The first is outstanding play from singles players, Waverly Shi '21, Grace Li '21, Lucy Wilmerding '21, and Geetika Surapaneni '21. The second is the high standard of play and truly impressive improvement from all the other players on the ladder. This has allowed the Lions to continue to play very competitively despite injuries to several key players.

Student-Athlete of the Week
Jake LaMalva '21 - Last week against Thayer and Milton, Jake LaMalva collected five hits in eight at bats for an average of .625. Among his five hits were three home runs as well as a triple and a double. Jake's hits resulted in nine RBIs, and he scored five runs while leading the JV baseball team to two victories. To cap things off, Jake came into pitch in the Milton game and closed out that win.

The JV baseball team is undefeated (10-0) for the first time at this point in the season during at least the last 30 years (and likely much longer). The Lions are averaging over 13 runs per game and batting .401. The pitching staff has 80 strikeouts in 49 innings and has a staff ERA of 2.27.

  • Varsity girls' tennis, 12-3 win over Thayer; 10-5 win over Milton. This is the first time St. Mark's has ever beaten Milton in Varsity girls' tennis.
  • Varsity boys' tennis, 4-3 win over Thayer
  • Varsity girls' lacrosse, 14-11 win over Thayer; 12-11 (OT) win over Milton
  • JV softball, 17-6 win over Nobles
  • JV baseball, 9-2 win over Thayer; 12-8 win over Milton
  • Varsity girls' crew, 3-2 win over Taft; 5-0 win over Pomfret; 3-0 win over Miss Porter's; 4-0 win over Gunnery
  • Varsity boys' crew, 2-1 win over Gunnery; 3-0 win over Pomfret
  • Varsity softball, 14-2 win over Thayer; 7-3 win over Milton
  • JV girls' tennis, 7-2 win over Thayer
  • Varsity baseball, 6-5 win over Thayer; 8-2 win over Pomfret; 5-1 win over Milton
  • Varsity boys' lacrosse, 12-8 win over Milton
  • JV boys' lacrosse, 7-5 win over Milton

Dean of Students Office News

It is about that time when deans of students at private schools in Massachusetts get very concerned and nervous about off-campus parties. With the excitement of the end of the year, some parents host parties and allow alcohol to be served to underage students. While rumors of party plans arise, we need to remind all parents of the Massachusetts social host liability laws and of the School's expectations around substance use. "Social host liability" is the legal term for the criminal and civil responsibility of a person who furnishes liquor to a guest.

We have all heard the stories of when good kids make bad decisions and well-meaning hosts painfully discover that the parties that they thought were harmless fun turn into catastrophes. We are asking parents to be aware of the social host laws and the liabilities that may result in civil and criminal charges as well as potential consequences to a student's college admission. We expect students to obey the rules of the School and the laws of the Commonwealth concerning the use of alcohol and drugs, and we continue to expect our parents to support the health and safety of our students in this effort during Lion Term and beyond. Thanks!

Class of 2019

VI Formers Probationary Status
As you may know, all VI Formers have been placed on a "probationary-like" status until after Prize Day. Any Level I, II, or III rule violation may jeopardize their privilege of marching at Prize Day and/or possibly graduating from St. Mark's. This is something we have traditionally done for a number of years (as have other schools) in order to keep IV formers focused on Prize Day and finishing the year (and their St. Mark's careers) in a positive manner. Prize Day will be here before we know it and we ask that parents encourage students to make smart choices on and off campus as we approach the big day. We want everyone to have a wonderful few weeks culminating in receiving their diplomas.

Please refer to the Prize Day website for information about the upcoming celebration.

Lion Card Accounts
Please note consistent with School policy, all Lion Card accounts must be current and have enough funds (approx. $250.) to cover VI Form Graduation Activities. If accounts are not current by May 28th blank diplomas may be issued. You can log in and add value at the Lion Card Account Center, located here: Any questions, please contact the Business Office.

Parents Association News

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund now stands at $1.99 million, 84 percent toward our total goal of $2.37 million! Parent gifts total $752,098. Thank you to the many parents (75 percent) who have made a gift to date. IV Form parents are still in the lead to win the Lion's Pride award for highest Form participation in the Annual Fund with 80 percent participation.

While there are about six weeks left in the fiscal year, we hope to reach our participation goal of 90 percent before Prize Day. To do this, we need gifts from 50 additional St. Mark's families. If you have supported the Annual Fund in the past, please consider renewing your support today. If your family is new to the School or has not supported the Annual Fund before, please consider starting a new tradition of giving today. You can look for an appeal in the mail next week, or you can make your gift online today.

Amazon Smile
Want to make your support of St. Mark's go even further? You can supplement your Annual Fund gift by also supporting the School through AmazonSmile! For every purchase made from, the AmazonSmile Foundation will contribute a small percentage of the sale to your charity of choice. To select St. Mark's as your charity of choice, visit, click on Accounts & Lists, and then Your AmazonSmile. Once on that page, search for and select St. Mark's School of Southborough. Remember, all purchases must be made through!

Parent Potluck Dinners
Each year, the Parents' Association coordinates potluck gatherings for each Form in the fall and spring. Potlucks for the III, IV, and VI Forms will be held later this month and in June:
  • III Form - Friday, May 24, hosted by Cathy and Dan Gould in Hopkinton. R.S.V.P. online here.
  • IV Form - TOMORROW, Saturday, May 18, hosted by Eileen Fava and Michael McCarthy in Weston. View event details online here.
  • VI Form - Thursday, June 6, hosted by Diane and Mark Bechard in nearby Ashland (after the VI Form Dance send-off). R.S.V.P. online here.

Calendar News

May 17-19 - Weekend Activities
May 18 - St. Mark's Art Fair, Athletic Quad
May 18 - IV Form Parent Potluck
May 24 - III Form Parent Potluck, R.S.V.P.
May 25 - Groton Games, St. Mark's School
June 6 - VI Form Dance
June 6 - VI Form Parent Potluck, R.S.V.P.
June 7 - Prize Day Concert
June 7 - Athletic Awards, Belmont Field
June 8 - Prize Day Ceremony