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Lion Card

Incoming families will receive an email in August with registration details. Lion Cards will be given to new students at Orientation.

The Lion card is the official identification card for all students. The Lion Card comes with a prepaid spending account feature called Lion Cash that are the student incidental accounts. Students can use their card to buy textbooks and other items from the bookstore as well as eat at the Lions' Den. There are no fees to use the Lion Card and you can add as much value to your card as you would like. Below is information detailing how to add funds as well as FAQ's to assist in the transition from incidental accounts to Lion Cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register My son/daughter's Lion Cash account?

Click here to access the Lion Card Portal (
Once the page loads click on "Register Now"
For a more detailed description please view our user guide online

How do I ensure my son or daughter does not run out of money on their Lion Card?

When you register your son or daughter's Lion Card online you will be set up to receive a low balance warning e-mail when their account drops below $30
Instructions for registering your child's Lion Card are found here

Where do I go if I have a problem with my card?

You may contact the Lion Card Service Center at 866-762-5981
Representatives are available Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 6 pm Eastern Time

My card was lost or stolen card, What do I do?

You may call the Customer Service Line 866-762-5981 to deactivate your card.
Online instructions for deactivating your card can be found here

Where does my son or daughter get a new card?

Please see Ms. LaFreniere in the Dean's Office for a new card
Note there will be a charge of $25 for card reprints and it may take up to 48-72 hours to produce. This may take longer on weekends.

How do I find the Lion Card Portal?

Click here to access the Lion Card Portal

What happens to any balances on my card at the end of the school year?

Third, Fourth & Fifth form students will have their balances rolled forward for the next year. Graduating students will automatically receive a refund in August once the business office determines all charges have been billed.

How do I set up recurring payments?

After you have registered your card go to the Lion Card Portal ( and follow the steps detailed in our online user guide

What items will cause my balance to rapidly be depleted and how should I monitor this?

Insurance, tutoring, music lessons and student trips are some of the expenses that will rapidly use up your balance. Parents must be aware if your student is participating in these activities. Inquire as to the monthly expense to be incurred and make sure funds are deposited before these activities are charged. A low balance indicator is a good way to monitor these charges as well as weekly or monthly inquiries by parents into the activity on the account.

How do I find my son/daughter's 16 digit account number and 3 digit pin number required for registration?

These number can be found on one of the following, the student's Lion Card, in an email sent from St. Mark's in August, or by calling the Dean's Office at 508-786-6273.

For an image of where to find the numbers on the Lion Card, please look on the top right of this page.

Will I be able to access my account from my smart phone?

Yes, there is no app required as it is a mobile friendly website. Just open up a web browser on your phone and enter and it will direct you to the mobile friendly view and enter username and password.

Will I be receiving paper statements for my Incidental Account?

No, you will need to log into the Lion Card Portal to access your balance, transactions and add money to the student's account.

When you register your son or daughter's Lion Card online you will be set up to receive a low balance warning e-mail when their account drops below $30

If you have additional questions that are not listed above you may call the Lion Card Service Center at 866-762-5981 Monday through Friday between 8am - 6pm Eastern Time.