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Weekend Activities

Connect with friends, have fun, and recharge!  An important part of the weekend is what our students learn outside the classroom—there are plenty of activities and adventures to make each weekend special. Boarders have many ways to connect with their classmates and school community and most of our day students come back for weekend activities as well!
Below is a sampling of some weekend activities we offer. They are always changing and adapting to meet the students interest.
On-campus activities:
  • Neon Dance
  • Casino Night
  • Make your own Sushi
  • Dodgeball Tournaments
  • St. Mark’s Got Talent
  • Coffee House
  • Baking
  • Gingerbread houses
  • Movies under the stars
  • Cookouts
  • Trivia
  • Arts in the Afternoon
  • Lawn games
  • Fire pits and s’mores
Off-campus activities:
  • Dean sponsored trips to the movies, bowling, food runs, apple picking, etc.
  • Trips to Boston, Providence and other local cities/towns
  • Museums in Boston (MFA, Science, etc)
  • Natick Mall
  • HMart
  • Target/Whole Foods/Wegmans
  • Haunted Hayrides
  • Festivals in Boston
  • College games
  • Minor League Games

Casino Night

Deck the Halls Night

Arts Festival

Lawn Games

Opera Trip

Food Trucks