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Despite Early Snow, Costumes Aplenty for SM Halloween 2020
Despite Early Snow, Costumes Aplenty for SM Halloween 2020

This past weekend, the St. Mark's community celebrated Halloween. Despite Friday's snow, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday October 31st, the young children of faculty and staff participated in a safely socially distanced trick-or-treat circuit of campus houses. Meanwhile, St. Mark's students held a hybrid Halloween costume competition, including both on-campus and virtual entries.

At school meeting on Wednesday, November 4, the Monitors announced the winners of the 2020 Halloween costume contest at St. Mark's.

Honorable mentions went to III Former James Kral, V Former Ryan Ashford, VI Former Henry Sansone, and VI Formers Brooke Farrell, Siena Liberatore, and Cara Mulcahey. Third place honors went to the Stay-Puff Marshmallow/Michelin Men Bobby Bartlett '21 and Jake LaMalva '21. Second place was awarded to a Wizard of Oz quartet: V Formers Allison Bechard, Sarah Bechard, Lauren Tran, and Sydni Williams. First place went to another group, costumed as characters from the cartoon series Phineas & Ferb: VI Formers Leila Frederick, Tate Frederick, Lily Luo, Celine Ma, Catie Summers, and Ning Zhang.

There was no costume competition for faculty and staff, but the Monitors did cite Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Life Caitlin Kosow as the unofficial costume winner for the St. Mark's adult community.

Click here to view the gallery of SM 2020 Halloween costumes.

Congratulations to all!