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Mission Statement: To create a community where all members have the essential tools to be their best selves, so that they can be physically, emotionally and socially prepared to make healthy lifestyle choices. To have a Wellness Program that educates and empowers everyone at St. Mark’s to be self-advocates as they journey towards leading lives of leadership and service.

See Our Commitment to Wellness in Action:

V Form Wellness Speaker Series

St. Mark’s Wellness curriculum for the V Formers represents an opportunity for our students to develop lifelong skills that will help them within our community but also as they transition beyond our walls and lead lives of leadership and service. V Form programming will be focused on mental health awareness, physical health, the power of gratitude, and sleep and nutrition’s role in their academic performance.



Members of the St. Mark's Community Making a Difference

While remaining at home like so many others during these challenging weeks, some members of the St. Mark's community are using their time to help make a difference. Two from St. Mark's—a student and a staff member—are among those making face masks to help address the shortage of those essential items, supporting the needs of health care workers and medical facilities.

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WINTER BLUES? Many students find Window 3 to be the longest and hardest window of the year. Combined with the lack of sunshine and warmth, increased stress can lead to negative mental health consequences. Sometimes this causes what is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD, a fitting acronym), or Seasonal Depression.

This stall talk was made by Lina Zhang and Bethany Batista. Feel free to continue the conversation with them!

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Wellness X-Block Program

X-block represents an opportunity for our students to destress and spend time gathering with friends, sharing a conversation with a faculty member or getting ahead on homework. In this time period, the Wellness Department wants to introduce some areas of practice that would help our community have the physical, mental, and emotional skills to enjoy their best experience in a demanding prep school environment.
  • Movement Monday
  • Gratitude Tuesday
  • Thursday-Friday Mindful Moment
  • Friday Healthy Plate Challenge

Carl Corazzini



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Director of Wellness