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Community and Equity

St. Mark’s strives to create a School community where everyone feels fully admitted, understood, and accepted for all aspects of who they are.

St. Mark’s School provides an exemplary education in an intentionally small residential setting defined and enriched by our Episcopal identity. This identity includes an emphasis on self-reflection, continual communal examination, and respect for all. If we are to embody these values, we must empower our students to embrace and express their individual identities fully and without fear of bias—because it’s the best way to prepare students to succeed in our global world, because it enhances students’ social and critical thinking skills, and because it’s the right thing to do.

Meet the Team

Rick DaSilva

Rick DaSilva

Titles: Director of Community & Equity Affairs
Departments: Community and Equity Affairs, Senior Administrative Team
Mary Ann Ciampa

Mary Ann Ciampa

Titles: Operations Manager for Global Citizenship, Assistant to the Director of Community & Equity Affairs
Departments: Community and Equity Affairs, Global Citizenship
Lizzy Jones

Lizzy Jones

Titles: Assistant Director of Admission, Associate Director of Community and Equity Affairs
Departments: Admission, Community and Equity Affairs

Reports & Updates

Community & Equity Update

Please take a moment to review our 2020-2021 Community & Equity Update. This document provides information and descriptions of the action steps we took in 2020-2021 toward our goal of being a truly antiracist school.

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Community & Equity Impact Report

Read the Community and Equity Impact Report to see how Community and Equity Affairs, and the programs it offers through the school year, helps St. Mark’s carryout this mission.

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Our Commitment to Diversity

St. Mark’s School seeks to reflect the increasingly diverse world in which our students presently live and will live in the future. We intend to provide our students with a superior education in a community of students, parents, faculty, and staff that represents a variety of racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

We strive to ensure respect for all regardless of sex, gender, gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability, family structure, or economic background.

In support of our objective, St. Mark’s School:

  • will continue to give special importance to the inclusion of all people persons from all groups within our society within our student body, our faculty, and our staff —particularly those whothat have experienced prejudice and disadvantage.
  • will provide all members of the school with a range of appropriate opportunities to develop skills for living in a diverse community and integrate diversity initiatives throughout the school program.
  • will empower all members of the St. Mark’s community to share their differences as well as their common experiences to enhance their education.

    St. Mark's promotes awareness around cultural difference and provides affinity opportunities for students whose social or identity needs are not reflected in the dominant culture at St. Mark’s through Community and Equity Affairs.