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To create a truly inclusive community, we must become an antiracist institution.

St. Mark’s has always encouraged curiosity, self-reflection, personal development, and service. These are the same values that inspire us now to deepen our commitment to building an inclusive community where every student is heard and respected for who they are. To make good on the promise of equity that has always been part of our mission—and to support our students as they realize the full promise of their potential—we are embarking on a community-wide antiracism initiative.

At its core, antiracism signifies a belief that every student deserves to benefit fully from the powerful education and opportunities that St. Mark’s provides, and that the only way to achieve this goal is to acknowledge and collectively work to understand how people of diverse backgrounds, races, and cultures experience the world. The first step in this process is the creation of our Antiracist Strategic Plan, which outlines specific steps that will bring us closer to our goal of becoming an antiracist institution.

While we have not always lived up to our ideals for our students of color, we are determined to learn from the past and chart a brighter future. Perhaps more than ever before, we remain profoundly committed to the success of every St. Mark’s student.