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Our Pathways groups are essential in supporting every member of our community.

Everyone should feel welcome and supported for who they are. This ethos fuels our Pathways groups which help students learn about themselves and build meaningful relationships with their peers. Pathways also play an important role in our orientation programming, helping every student find their footing early in their St. Mark’s career.

When students have spaces to embrace and explore their identities safely and with the encouragement of those who understand the challenges they face, they are better prepared to succeed academically, socially, and professionally. Rather than separating members of our community from one another, Pathways invite dialogue, build awareness, and inspire change at the individual and community level. In small groups and as a collective whole, we embrace the joyful, beautiful, and enduring aspects of our universal humanity.

Pathways Prefects

Pathways Prefects are the student voice for C&E. They are friendly faces to talk to about issues and questions of community and equity at St. Mark's. They host the weekly C&E Minute during school meetings and assist the C&E Director on group-related logistics.

Pathways Groups