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Athletics Sign-up and Requirements

Dear New Students,         

We hope you are having a great summer. We are excited to welcome you to St. Mark's in the fall! Below you will find important athletic information for the upcoming school year and a sign-up form for the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

Athletic Requirements:

  • Members of the III Form are required to participate on an interscholastic team for all three seasons of the year. 
  • IV and V Form students are required to participate on an interscholastic team for at least two of the three seasons.
  • VI Form students are required to participate on an interscholastic team for at least one season. 

During the season(s) when a IV, V or VI Form student is not competing on an interscholastic team, that student must participate in a school-sponsored activity. Options include a wellness class, serving as a team manager (IV, V, VI formers only), participating in the school play (fall, winter), participating in robotics (winter) or applying for an Athletic Commitment Accommodation (IV, V, VI formers only).

Athletics Options:

  • Thirds: Emphasizes participation, skill development, and enjoyment of the game; 
  • Junior Varsity (JV): Emphasizes competition and skill development;
  • Varsity: Stronger emphasis on competition and preparation for team success.

Wellness options include fitness, yoga, strength and conditioning, dance, and recreational tennis (spring only).

Participating in robotics (winter), the play (fall, winter), or serving as a team manager are considered a season of participation on an interscholastic team.

Athletics Commitment Accommodations (ACAs) are only available to IV, V, or VI Formers and do not replace a season of interscholastic sports. Approval is limited to accommodations associated with specific programs at St. Mark's or for pursuing a sport not offered at St. Mark’s, where the applicant has documentation of a long-standing commitment (i.e. equestrian). The sport or activity must be officially recognized and supervised by a qualified adult instructor.

Please select this link for the athletic sign-up and carefully read through the options as you sign up. 

When you arrive at St. Mark’s this September, you will have a chance to confirm your fall, winter, and spring sports sign-up. If you have changed your mind or want to discuss your options further, you can do that at new student registration.=

Varsity preseason, beginning Tuesday, September 5, is by invitation only. Preseason is open to students with the experience and potential to earn a spot on a varsity team. Students must be invited by the head varsity coach to attend preseason. Please refer to the email invitation sent in June for more information on preseason. Practices for JV and thirds teams will begin on Thursday, September 7. 

Enjoy your summer, and we look forward to seeing you this fall!


Lauren Ames
Director of Athletics