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Blackbaud Instructions

Accessing Blackbaud (Education Management):

Instructions regarding setting up your Blackbaud account were emailed to your St. Mark's School email address on May 2, 2023 (If you have not set up your St. Mark's School email address, please check your personal email address for your credential information and access instructions.)   

Once the Blackbaud ID has been set up (see below for instructions) with your St Marks School email address, access the platform by opening your internet browser, and typing in the following URL: Next, enter your St. Mark's email address and password. 

Blackbaud ID with Google Sign In and Selecting Courses

​Following the steps below will create a Blackbaud ID which will allow you to sign on to Blackbaud using Google sign in.

Note that after completing this process your Blackbaud username will be your full SM email address.  You can still sign in using the Blackbaud link in Canvas, just remember that your user name will be your full SM email address.

1. You will receive an email invitation to set up a Blackbaud ID.

Click Accept Invitation:


1 Email Invite.png


2. Next sign up for a Blackbaud ID using Google.

Ignore everything in the orange rectangle and select "Sign up with Google":

2. Sign Up with Google.png


3. Next choose the google account to use.

Select your SM Google account:

3. Choose an Account-1.png

4. You will be brought to your Blackbaud page but you'll see the following splash screen.

Click out of it as shown to access your Blackbaud page:

4. Welcome Splash Screen.png


5. Logging out from Blackbaud will pop up the following screen. Select Sign in via Google to log back in:

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 1.09.42 PM.png


6. Selecting Courses
Follow the steps in this video walkthrough to select your courses in Blackbaud.

Screenshot from Blackbaud

7. Reach Out With Any Questions
Should there be any issues setting up the Blackbaud ID, feel free to email the Help Desk at

If you have any questions regrading course requests, please email