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Orah is a communication tool that St. Mark’s School uses between parents, guardians, students, and faculty regarding student location. The platform is a web application that can be used on a smartphone, iPad, or laptop. The status of each student is kept track of while in School and when signed out for trips or overnights.

The create account invitation email will be sent directly to parents, guardians, and students. This invitation will be emailed to students' St. Mark's School email address and the email address that parents and guardians provided on the family information form (FIF).

From Address:
Subject Line: Connect to "STUDENT NAME" with Orah
Direct Link:

If you have any questions regarding access, please contact Director of Residential Life Maggie Caron.

Types of leave covered:

  • Weekend Overnights
  • Medical Appointments
  • Burnett Sign In
  • Overnight
  • Family Hosting
  • Special Permission Request

For any technical help with use of Orah, please contact Amanda Chait.