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Student Leadership

At St. Mark's we believe that every student has the opportunity and responsibility to act as a leader in the community.

Building on the school’s motto, Age Quod Agis, we believe that our leaders at St. Mark’s should:

These three tenets of leadership are simple yet powerful reminders of what it means to be a leader at St. Marks.
  • Do Right - Honor one’s moral compass.
  • Do Good - Leadership is service. Serve others.
  • Do Well - Do and be one’s best. Strive to be better.

Student Leadership Positions

St. Mark’s looks to all students for leadership. Each spring, student leaders are elected and appointed to specific positions for the following year. The large majority of these leaders will be V and VI Formers, on whom the School will rely not only for the various functions they perform, but more importantly for the tone they set and for the communication they facilitate between the student body and the faculty. New student lead­ers are trained in the spring and sign a Statement of Commitment, to attest that they will uphold the values of St. Mark’s School, maintain integrity, and serve productively. Student leader training for monitors, prefects, peer coun­selors, and peer discussion leaders continues during the pre-season period in September, when these leaders return to campus early to learn the leadership, intervention, and counseling skills they will utilize throughout the year.