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Laura Appell-Warren


History and Social Sciences
Director of Global Citizenship, History & Social Sciences Department Faculty


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, Milton Academy 1978
BA, Wellesley College 1982
EdM, Harvard University 1984
EdD, Harvard University 2007


Laura Appell-Warren joined St. Mark’s in the fall of 2006 with her husband, Head of School, John C. Warren, '74. She is the DIrector of The Global Citizenship Program at St. Mark’s School as well as the Director of the Global Citizenship Institute, a summer program at the School. She teaches religion, anthropology and The Global Seminar. Outside of the classroom she advises the Monitors and the Global Ambassadors.

Appell-Warren has been working and teaching in secondary schools, first at her alma mater, Milton Academy and then at St. Mark’s School, for over 30 years. Appell-Warren earned her B.A. in anthropology and psychology from Wellesley College and her doctorate in Psychological Anthropology from Harvard University. She is the author of numerous journal articles, including articles about the importance of teaching anthropology at the secondary school level. She is the editor of The Iban Diaries of Monica Freeman and the author of Personhood: An Examination of the History and Use of an Anthropological Concept.

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Laura Appell-Warren