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Impact Details

Impact of Financial Aid
Growth in Endowed Funds Increases Opportunity and Access

During the Lives of Consequence campaign, the School raised more than $9.1 million in endowment for financial aid to help accomplish our shared mission to make St. Mark’s more affordable and accessible. Financial aid funds are vital; they allow the School to provide an exemplary education to deserving students, which includes participation in every facet of a St. Mark’s education, including groundbreaking scientific research, global citizenship travel, and competitive interscholastic athletics. In addition to tuition, financial aid awards provide students with laptops, books, and music lessons.

The financial aid endowment allows St. Mark’s to continue fostering a more equitable and inclusive community, and provides bright students with a robust curriculum that encourages deep, critical thinking and prepares them to lead lives of consequence. St. Mark’s is committed to enrolling and supporting a diverse student body from varying economic backgrounds and aspires to offer an exceptional education to as many students as possible. The generous donors who contributed endowment funds for financial aid during the campaign have helped move us closer to that goal.

“Thanks to the financial aid resources raised during the campaign, we can say “yes” to students who previously we would have had to say “no” to, thus making the School all the better and stronger.”

–Head of School John C. Warren ’74