Community and Equity

Mary Ann Ciampa

Titles: Operations Manager for Global Citizenship, Assistant to the Director of Community & Equity Affairs
Departments: Community and Equity Affairs
Phone Numbers:
School: 508.786.6047

John Daves

Titles: Director of Community & Equity Affairs, English Department Faculty
Departments: Community and Equity Affairs, Senior Administrative Team
Phone Numbers:
School: 508.786.6041

Starry Zhu

Titles: Assistant Director of Admission, Associate Director of Community and Equity Affairs
Departments: Admission, Community and Equity Affairs, Orientation
Phone Numbers:
School: 508.786.6130
SM Black History Month: Throwback Thursday

In June of 1969, Ethan Anthony "Tony" Loney became the first African American student to graduate from St. Mark's. He arrived on campus in the fall of 1965. "It was certainly eye-opening to me," remembered Loney, some years later. "I had just left a junior high school in Brooklyn with 3000 students, predominantly black and Latino. Now I was at this small school, where everyone knew everybody else: predominantly white, and socio-economically so different from my own background." Unlike today, there was no orientation or training, no emphasis on diversity, and no institutional attempt to understand or address the challenges facing new St. Markers. "The school had no clue. It's like you were dropped into a war zone to fend for yourself." Still, while Loney recalled a few condescending comments and inappropriate epithets, "there was no hazing. The first year was a little tricky, but after that it was a no-brainer."

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