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Young Alumni Founder's Associates

Dear St. Marker:

You were told that you would always be a Lion, but what does that mean? Like much of your student experience on campus, your life as a young alum is up to you. Similarly, becoming involved in St. Mark’s alumni life is just as exciting and rewarding as joining student groups that first month on campus.

Today we would like to invite you to partner with us, to join our elite group of Founder’s Associates, and to sustain the SM experience by making a leadership Annual Fund gift to the School.

The SM Founder’s Associates need you, your input, your support, and your ideas - your leadership - to help ensure the School meets its goal of becoming the best small boarding school in the country by 2020. You know firsthand the needs of the current campus community, and you represent the best of what St. Mark’s has to offer. When you join the SM Founder’s Associates, you gain a seat at a table of like-minded St. Markers who care deeply about the future of your School and your community.

It takes a collective effort from the entire alumni community to keep St. Mark’s at the top. Your leadership gift helps bolster the School’s world-class reputation (not to mention the value of your diploma), supports initiatives that defined your SM experience, and creates opportunities for generations to come.

Thank you for making the St. Mark's a priority and considering our invitation to help ensure that the future of St. Mark's is one of continued excellence.

Age Quod Agis,

Sarah Wilkins

Leadership Giving Officer

YAFA Giving Levels

For the first 15 years after graduation, young alumni join this society by making incremental gifts at a leadership level. This program allows young alumni to gradually increase their giving during the first 15 years after graduating St. Mark’s in hopes that they will reach the $1,500 Founder’s Associates level.

Class of 2019: $100+
Class of 2018: $100+
Class of 2017: $100+
Class of 2016: $100+
Class of 2015: $250+
Class of 2014: $250+

Class of 2013: $500+
Class of 2012: $500+
Class of 2011: $500+
Class of 2010: $750+
Class of 2009: $750+

Class of 2008: $750+
Class of 2007: $1,000+
Class of 2006: $1,000+
Class of 2005: $1,500+

Founder's Associates Benefits

Investing in St. Mark's as a Young Founder's Associate has many benefits. Young Alumni donors will receive:

  • A unique and exclusive opportunity to network and interact with leading St. Markers
  • Invitations to join SM leadership conversations and focus groups
  • A personalized acknowledgment letter from Head of School, John C. Warren ’74
  • An invitation to the annual Founder's Associates Dinner held during Trustee Weekend
  • The Head's Reflection, a monthly electronic memorandum from John C. Warren ’74
  • A commemorative cocktail glass
  • A copy of the School's Annual Report with special recognition for your leadership gift.

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Key Points

  • Young Alumni/ae have their own membership levels for leadership giving

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