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Young Alumni Founder's Associates

Recent graduates have a unique way to support St. Mark’s—as a young alumnus member of the Founder's Associates. As a Young Founder’s Associate donor you will join a community of supporters who share your commitment to educating St. Markers for lives of leadership and service and a desire to ensure the School’s future and excellence that has characterized its past.

For the first 15 years after graduation, young alumni/ae can join this society by making incremental gifts at a leadership level. This program allows young alumni/ae to gradually increase their giving during the first 15 years after graduating St. Mark’s in hopes that they will reach the $1,500 Founder’s Associates level.

Class of 2017: $100+
Class of 2016: $100+
Class of 2015: $100+
Class of 2014: $100+
Class of 2013: $250+
Class of 2012: $250+

Class of 2011: $500+
Class of 2010: $500+
Class of 2009: $500+
Class of 2008: $750+
Class of 2007: $750+

Class of 2006: $750+
Class of 2005: $1000+
Class of 2004: $1000+
Class of 2003: $1500+

How St. Mark’s Recognizes Young Founder’s

  • Invitation to The Founder’s Associates dinner in the Fall with the Trustees of the School
  • Invitations to exclusive events with faculty
  • Complimentary admission to all St. Mark’s regional events
  • Recognition in the Lion’s Pride Newsletter that comes out quarterly

Key Points

  • Young Alumni/ae have their own membership levels for leadership giving

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